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At UPBRIGHT our aim is to enable students identify and choose a career path which will help them realize and achieve their dreams and career goals. We believe that each child is unique and has unlimited latent talent and potential which needs to be discovered early in life to achieve their dreams and career goals. Students often opt and pursue careers which are not suited to their abilities; sometimes they may have two different career interests and are confused as to which choice would be best suited for a rewarding career. We at UPBRIGHT administer scientifically based psychometric assessments and along with our team of skilled empathetic counselors and psychometric assessors help the students make informed career decisions. Our comprehensive approach enables the student to clear any confusion and understand their innate abilities and their true potential and interest.

A simple definition lies in the word ‘psychometrics’ itself: psycho means to do with the mind, while metrics means to do with measurement. The area of Psychometrics attempts to objectively measure otherwise intangible aspects of your personality. These Assessments can be used for varieties of purposes: Career Counselling, Psychological Counselling, Recruitment, Training & Development, Coaching, etc. Psychometric testing is being used extensively as part of the recruitment or selection process and occupational psychometric tests are designed to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for promotion. Psychometric assessments objectively measure your behavioural traits, competencies, abilities, skills etc.


Psychometric assessments are of two types:

  • Tests that measure an indiviual’s behavioral response styles, motivations, drivers, motivation, preferences, etc.

  • Tests that measure the individual’s knowledge, skills, reasoning, verbal ability, logic, creativity, etc.

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Why is career counseling important?

  • When we reach the point of choosing which major after 10th standard

  • Which field of work to choose?

  • When you have different skills and you are confused which one to choose to make a career

  • When you are confused with suggestions and recommendations..

  • When you have an acquired personality

In today’s world there are numerous and varied career options available for students, to be able to choose the right career path can be confusing and intimidating. At the same time with the increase in population of the youth, the competition in employment and self-employment has increased manifold.

Students tend to give into the pressure and choose a stream which is contrary to their interest.

Sometimes they tend to follow the herd mentality and follow the mob or sometimes it is just peer pressure.

Attracted to the profession without being aware whether their abilities match the profession for Eg- a career in aerospace could be a student’s dream and passion but poor aptitude in mathematics and science would make it difficult to achieve great success.

At Upbright we walk you through all of this with skilled counseling, assessments and analysis.

Benefits of Career Counseling

Career is a key stone in the successful life of an individual.  The correct choice of career is crucial to achieve career goals and have a satisfying career journey of life. If this choice is made after identifying interest, abilities and aptitude success is achievable and guaranteed. Very often it is seen that a child’s dream about a career may not be in line with his aptitude which ultimately limits his growth and success. If an individual’s passion and choice of career do not match their work performance is poor and achieving desired success restricted Discovering both passion and aptitude helps the individual realize his true potential and achieve success in the chosen career.



Career Counseling is a process which helps the individual to understand themselves and identify their interests abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Career Counselors guide you to get the knowledge and skills you need to make your future career and life decisions.


Understanding of what you want out of your education, career and life. Guiding you towards the correct career path and helping you realise your dreams.

Your Career Counsellors can help you to identify the factors that influence your career development and to assess your interests, abilities, and values.


Career is a lifelong process, career counselling is appropriate for anyone including freshers, sophomores, juniors, seniors, alumni and everyone who aspires to have a successful career.

Job search and Career attainment is also a critical aspect of Career Development. Our Career Counsellors also assist you in job search.
Come and visit the best of Career Counsellors today!

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