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Leadership Management

Transformational Leadership Program

Transformational leaders are the individual who enhances the motivation, morality and work efficiency of his supporters through various processes. Our Transformational Leadership Program is embraced with deep Leadership assessment and to identify their strengths and areas for improvement of the employee’s. Based on the result from the assessment we offer training to the individuals which comprised with develop strategies and skills to drive performance improvements, and prepare to take on meaningful roles in leading and managing your organization.

Primary Goals of Transformational Leadership Program
  • Build a more profound, stronger, more diversified leadership pipeline that supports sustainable growth and outcomes.
  • Change the focus from tactical management to vision, inspiration, and authenticity with an emphasis on everyday results
  • Develop leaders at every level by means of differentiated growth, and provide them with the necessary knowledge and exemplification of leadership expectations
  • Engage followers through the development of skilled, authentic leaders who promote talent and encourage teams to accomplish company objectives
End Result of the Program

By the end of UpBright Transformational Leadership training, participants will be able to:

  • Exhibit Effective communication which is appropriate for Leadership
  • Fully understand business strategy and Decision making
  • Participants able to build and identify Emotional Intelligence Competency
  • Identify phases of obstacle and find a way to overcome it
  • Inspire their followers and share the vision

Leadership Development

Having leaders who understand how to best perform on the approach of their company and get the most out of their teams is a main success factor for organizations to develop and deliver value in today’s competitive and volatile environment. To make their business flourish, effective leaders should have the correct mindset, management abilities, and behaviors. Naturally, targeted Leadership management training and assessment are the best way to engage leaders and develop them for success.

Therefore, with our expertise in Managerial Skills Assessment & Development, Coaching, Mentoring and Team Building Leadership we at UpBrigth offer exceptional Leadership development program. Leadership is implacably contextual. That’s why we work closely with the company, learning, and talent leaders to reveal the vital behaviors, attitudes, and capacities of management that maximize the execution of the strategy of your company.

Then we scale them up in the form of assessment through experiential Leadership development program. These include a range of tool and methods including evaluations, simulations, exercise of profound skills, training and doing tasks.

Key Advantages of Upbright Leadership Development
  • Elevating personal leadership skills
  • Develop leaders of multipliers that make everyone smarter
  • Enabling change in culture to promote the ability of leaders to implement a fresh business strategy
  • Building a training mindset and culture to allow better execution of other strategies and management
  • Providing leaders with a common language and system-oriented approach for effective leadership during periods of change

Hi Potential Development

Companies must commit themselves to develop powerful leaders at all levels in order to strengthen the foundation for future success. This Program enables high-potential leaders to resolve the increasingly difficult challenges arising from their role as leaders. You can expose your capacity to build productive teams, champion changes, guide the crisis and build a culture of high performance by exploring the pros and cons of various leadership styles and strategies.

How We Do It

Our high-potential development program divided into two parts which are assessment and training.  The first part of the program embraced with a technical assessment to identify the individual key potential to handle the issues that result in the manager position.

And it helps to evaluate employee’s strength, weakness, and strategic Thinking & Decision Making skills and come up with training strategies that precisely suits to individuals needs and prepares them to take on future leadership roles within the organization.

Key benefits

This program prepares you to take on the hazards and possibilities associated with a fresh leadership role. You will examine the distinctions of visionary leaders, how complicated data can be communicated, what choices can be made, and how varied employees are motivated. Throughout the program, you will change your leading strategy and maximize your ability to remain on the fast track.

Coaching and Mentoring

One of the greatest problems that leaders face today is how to efficiently train and mentor their direct reports to attain high-performance levels. Our coaching and mentoring program aims to provide you with mental models, procedures, and instruments to assist you to mentor efficiently. Our program enables managers to establish improved relations by continuous and guided learning with their team members.

The demand for this program has been increasing exponentially in recent years and we believe that this is why the leader has to play a multifaceted role. There have been times when the leader’s role has mainly been to supervise, do things, increase productivity and remain impartial and moral but those days are long gone. Although all of these characteristics continue to be essential, with changing times and demanding market changes, other abilities are equally crucial. Coaching and mentoring is one such ability.

What Is Mentoring?

A mentor is someone who provides less experienced people their understanding, expertise, and guidance. Mentors guide their subordinates in the correct direction by using their knowledge and skills.

A mentor enables mentees to consider career possibilities, gain trust and enhance their interpersonal skills. The assistance builds on the experience and teaching of the mentor himself, making the mentees more credible figures.

What Is Coaching?

A business coaching concentrates on specific skills and development goals, by breaking into specific tasks that can be accomplished within a certain timeframe. This helps business coaches to explain their vision of development and guide companies.

For many companies, it is a crucial task to identify and prioritize goals. Business coaches tackle this challenge by assisting companies to focus on their objectives. They adopt a more formal, structured strategy to problem resolution and management.


Coaching Vs Mentoring


In general, the relation has a doesn’t after last certain duration

Short term (sometimes time limited) and focusing on particular areas / issues of company growth

More organized nature and meetings are generally scheduled regularly

Focused mainly on the growth of organization

The focus of the agenda is on particular, immediate goals

Coaching is more concerned with particular areas / issues of growth.


Continuous relation that can last for a long time

Long-term and concentrates about wider perspective for the individual

Can be more informal and meetings can be held if the mentee requires certain advice, guidance or assistance

Mainly focused on individual Career and personal development

The mentee sets the agenda with the mentor to help and guide them to prepare for future positions

Mentoring is more about improving the profession of the mentee

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